Thursday, 3 November 2011

Happy Birthday, dear

Assalamualaikum, minna~
Ohayou gozaimasu...

Em, ni sebenarnya nak buat short post je. Tokubetsu na (istimewa) entri la kot. Dedicated to you. Make sure baca sampai habis tau! :D

Nak kek ni?

Hari ni ramai orang sambut hari ulang tahun kelahiran. Yang aku tahu pun dah dua tiga orang, yang tak tahu lagi la berjuta kot. But, among all those, it's yours too. But, I'm so sorry, for not being the first person to wish you. So sorry dear~

Anyway, just one thing to say:

Your real challenging life is starting now. So, continue moving on your right pace, pursue your dream, have faith of your ability and never turn back! Keep in mind, that I’ll be supporting, zutto itsumademo (always and forever)….

Umareta koto wo
Deaeta koto wo
Ima soba ni iru koto,

Thank you for all what you did all this while, your motivation and advice. They means a lot, or else I'm not here, at the stage where I am today. Thank you too for always be by my side, listening to me no matter when, lend me a shoulder to cry and let me express my feeling freely. Thank you for everything, you, the most wonderful and special (of course la, after parents) person that cherish my life. Thank you so so so much!
 これから いっしょに て を はなして あるいている。がんばりましょう!

*Sorry la kalau berterabur, post rushing..hehe

P.S: Kononnya nak beli hadiah, tapi.... faham2 je la kn.. em, nnti2 la, kot dpt dr Jepun ke nnti.. lg best an? :D

1 comment:

Akira Hikari said...

kore kara isshoni te wo hanashite aruiteiru?

the future is in ur hand? is that the meaning?

btw....thanks coz took ur time just to make this post for someone that i think not really help you actually..but really care..
maybe you will get married someday..but please don't forget me (our moment)..coz it will be very lonely

tanoshii !!! ne...really happy coz at least there is someone that have me in ur heart...

actually i don't get many special wish today..coz my friend not really remember my day (sad)

i have something to tell you later otherwise i'll write other blog in this comment...haha^^

honestly i'm really touched coz at least there is someone that appreciate my existence in this world...hontou ni arigatou na...

ah~very long ne...jaa~

p/s: present from japan? ikemen? haha^^ <3