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Previously teaser-ed (Super Fresh, '09)

ありがとうの想いを伝えたいよ そっと君のもとへ
I want to convey the feeling of gratitude, gently to you
(My Girl, '09)

「今までも そうこれからも どこまでも ずっと」
[Till now, and yes, from now on too anywhere anytime]
Always thank you
(伝えたいこと, '15)

Tell all the world どんなときも ありがとう 伝えよう いつも
超超のありがとうを 空の向こうへ
Tell all the world anytime, convey the 'thank you' always
Very very thank you, to the other side of the sky
(超2ありがとう, '06)

Smile Again ありがとう
Smile Again thank you
(感謝カンゲキ雨嵐, '01)

照れくさくてなかなか言えないけど 心の中で叫ぶ 「いつもありがとう」
It's embarrassing and hard to be said, but it echoes in my heart 'Thank you always'
(Friendship, '07)

自分を映して夕陽を見てた ありがとうって
照れないでも 真っ直ぐ言えるように
Saying 'thank you' while looking at the reflection in the evening sun
Straight-forwardly said, without being shy anymore
(風, '07)

ずっとずっと心にあるんだ だからこそ伝えてみたいんだ
Because it is always in the heart, so I'm conveying it
Thank you, from now on also thank you
(5x10, '09)

心込めて ただひとつだけ 贈る言葉はありがとう
With all my heart, there's only I word I send to you which is thank you
(One Love, '08)

To you who is getting embarrassed, thank you. Thank you
(虹, '07)

ありがとう 素晴らしき世界
Thank you for the lovely world
(素晴らしき世界, '05)

Special thank you - for mom

That's why, maybe I won't say 'grandma is a great person'
Because it'll be frustrating
However, thank you
(20825日目の曲, '13)

When you say 'thank you'
Somehow it hurts
Like a magic spell that won't left even after a goodbye
(Flavor of Life - Utada Hikaru - Hana Yori Dango Returns insert)

Conclusion : Translation is hard orz

-KIX Inbound-

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