Monday, 1 August 2016

Hope in the darkness

[Allah loves you]

I was jdorama-baited for pursuing study in Japan. 

I was -am still actually- a fan of japan idol group(s). Bitter truth
Pretty much a big fan once, to the extend of remembering everyone's profile. Should have used that memory power on something more beneficial *sigh 

I was distracted from the lagha-ness, once, due to study-and-persatuan-workloads.
Not to forget, a big 'thanks' to the harddisk-got-virused-from-senpai's-laptop-crashed-and-everything's-gone. 

Beautiful-lovely-happy days continue passing.
For forever or I thought.

But nothing could stop His will.

I was thrown away from the life I loved, by the persons I trusted -- used to or should.
A complete checkmate. A complete darkness.

And it was that time when I suddenly stumbled on a recent drama which lead me to the theme song and later to the vocals of the song. Again!

But, Allah loves me.

Between lyrics' lines, precise arrows hit directly
Of the scripted dramas, portrayed beautifully the harshness of reality
From random articles and interviews, slices of life being echoed silently
In the stupid jokes of varieties, clearly hidden sorrowful loneliness shadowed by plastered smiles 

I learnt a lot.
Just a lot and too much.

As much as Allah loves me
He always wants me to be on track
That He even messaged through the negligence

Are you going to come here too?

生きて行こうか すべて受け止め
Let's keep on living Accepting everything

Beautiful like a flower that gently blooms on the ground

今 夜が明けて行く 聞こえるか?
Now, the dawn is breaking Can you hear it?

導かれてく 目指すべき場所へ
Being led to the place we should be aiming for

光と影 反比例
Light and shadow Direct opposites

馴染むことなく絶え間なく 揺れて
Without ever blending in, yet always wavering

新しい風の薫りがした 海の向こう
From beyond the ocean, there was the scent of a new wind blowing

加減知らずの情熱だけを 信じたなら
The passion that you didn't know how to hold back If that's all you believed in...

突き抜けるのさ 目指すべき場所へ
Then break through To the place we should be aiming for

素晴らしき明日へ 素晴らしき明日へ
To a wonderful tomorrow To a wonderful tomorrow

満天の星のように 生まれた神秘
Mysteries that were born just like the sky full of stars

不思議な力 点し 闇の彼方 辿り
With a strange power, they light our way Follow the path out of the darkness

無限の扉 開き 未開拓な道を 駆け抜けてゆけ
Opening an infinite number of doors Run through on an unexplored path

To the place we should be aiming for
To a wonderful tomorrow

The Digitalian, #16, 2014

Allah loves me
Allah loves you
Allah loves everyone

Simply grateful for everything
For I am who I am now

[originally drafted half a year ago]

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Nur Amira Ilyani said...

Uhibbuki fillah inshaAllah. Stay on track, keep ur iman strong!